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    Poker Tracker Guide - Author Bios

    Henry "HDouble" Wasserman has been playing online poker since 2001, and published his first article in a major poker magazine in 2004, titled "The Viral Phenomenon of Poker Blogs" for the premiere issue of All In Magazine. He maintains a poker weblog, "The Cards Speak," which he updates weekly.

    Henry obtained his Masters degree in Information Retrieval from the Computer Science department at the University of California, Irvine in 2002, and worked as a software engineer at a major Los Angeles hospital for two years before taking a job with a major online poker room. While not playing poker, he can be found using Poker Tracker to help coach fellow students of the game.

    Iggy writes about all things poker in his weblog, "Guinness and Poker". Nicknamed "The Blogfather" by his peers, he is the author of one of the most popular poker blogs on the web. The Blogfather honed his writing skills while pursuing a journalism degree at a small liberal arts school in the 80s. He has been playing online poker since 1999, after leaving Las Vegas for the Midwest. He recently left his corporate job for the adventures of professional poker, and can be found playing the highest limit games online.

    Iggy blogs about poker nearly every day, all the while bemoaning the loss of "taste and decency" in modern times. He now lives with his mother in New Orleans.